Maintenance, commissioning, troubleshooting of rotating machines in medium and low voltage

F.E.I. is able to offer you the vibration tracking solution or analysis tailored to your needs while respecting your production 
This discipline is both complex and exciting .... The complexity concerns us, passion can be transmitted .....  
 A strong relationship allows everyone to deepen their knowledge, and has for our customers many interests:  
- Optimizing the overall costs of equipment maintenance 
. - The ability to detect several malfunctions at birth and plan more serenely the actions to solve those: 
- immediate action.  
- planning a stop before the case could be financially detrimental. 

Some measurments exemple:
The Hardware and Software's possibilities can't not be summarized only with these few examples, 
Mr Fournier is at your disposal for any questions about your needs . 
 The combination of this discipline with other diagnostic tools allows our customers to benefit of complete monitoring of their machines and also can help pushing further the quality of service in case of ad hoc troubleshooting procedure.